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We offer a wide range of technical building blocks to build your online business. All our solutions are based on our high-quality facilities and redundant network permanently monitored by professionals. By flexibly expanding your infrastructure with additional services to improve security and performance, you’ll create solutions that perfectly fit your applications.

Most of our products can be ordered in our controlpanel which can be used by every new and current customer. You can signup easily at the login page. Be sure to check out our unique DNS module with never seen before features like version managing.


  • Easy signup and login
  • Order Domains
  • Manage DNS like never before
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Our Hosting Products Use our products to build your online business!

Dedicated Server

Full power, bare metal server. Managed or unmanaged. From € 59,- per month.


Just one container as a host or a server with multiple dockers? From € 5,- per month.


Your hardware in one of our datacenter with redundant power and connectivity. From € 49,- per month.

Managed Colocation

Your hardware in managed by us from our datacenter with redundant power and connectivity. From € 99,- per month.

Corporate E-mail hosting

Exchange server, or just one mailbox. Your mail is safe with us. From € 6,95 per month.


Online or internal storage platform. Simple or complex SAN solutions. Call for pricing.

Database Clusters

Mysql (master-master), Mongo database cluster. All fully managed by our team. Call for pricing.


Hosted Elasticsearch cluster for extreme fast data solutions. Call for pricing.


Full Openstack solutions. Call for pricing.

Object Storage

Large scalable Object Storage. Call for pricing.


Increase your website loading times by using a world-wide distributed CDN platform. Call for pricing.

Online Backup

Backup your company data in the most secure online backup platform available. All encrypted. From € 49,- per year.

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